• Wicket bags “SLAVA H”

    They are designed for packing food (bread, groceries, poultry) and non-food (hygienic) products at high-speed automatic packing lines.

    Composition of SLAVA H wicket bags:

    • PE — PE — polyethylene coextruded film;
    • CPP — cast-coextruded polypropylene film.

    Range of products:

    Wicket bags with fl at and rounded bottom are available. The width ranges from 110 mm to 390 mm, the height is between 150 mm and 710 mm for a bag with a fl at bottom, and between 150 mm and 610 mm for a bag with a rounded bottom. Film thickness ranges from 25 microns to 60 microns.
    Tailor-made size manufacture of wicket bags is possible as well as fl exographic print; the number of colors is 8+8.
    The options include perforation in the fl ap area, various notches for easy tearing of the bag from the tear clips, holes for air removal.

    Features and benefits:

    • enhanced strength;
    • perfect integrity of food products;
    • high transparency, gloss;
    • possibility of manual and automatic packing;
    • choice of sizes, shapes and tailor-made options of wicket bags.
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