The company SPA (scientific production association) “ SLAVA” was created in may 2004. The company has achieved a leading position in a packaging industry in short period of time, but we don’t stop on this. The company is actively developing and every year it designs and releases into production the new types of the packaging products.

The company uses the newest technologies to create the packaging materials. The released production ensures the safety of consumer properties of goods in complex logistics of storage of goods in warehouses and stores.

The creation of the highly competitive output for the food industry is the aim of our company.

The processes of the production are realized on the most modern equipments and they are based on the world’s innovation technologies. SPA “SLAVA” has two offices, they are in St. Petersburg and Kiev, Ukraine.

Since 2004 the company embodies and verifies its aims:

2004 –released a polyamide casing for the boiled sausages “Lexalon” and the polyamide casing for the boiled sausages “Caralon”

2006/2007 –released the casing “ Slava-Lux”, “Fibrolux” for cooked , cooked smoked and semi-smoked sausages and cheeses.

2007/2008 – released the shrink bags “Slava TB”, the vacuum packages “Slava TB” and the packages “Slava BT” for the packing in modificated gaseous fluid (gas package). And the thermoforming, coating films and the films for “Flow-Pack” equipment (the food products package) were released

2009 – created the single-layer, smoke-permeable casings for the sausages and frankfuters “Slava-Lux GP”. The product in the casings “Slava-Lux GP” is similar to the product like in natural, collagenous and cellulose casings.

2011 – created the smoke-permeable casings “Slava-Lux GP-1”.

2012 –  released the higher smoke-permeable casing “Fibrolux type R”, and the casing «GP – 2″ for high-speed production lines.

2013 – created the casing “GP 2/2” with the properties like a cellulose. Also the company released the film and the oven bags for the Slavaterm ovens. The shrink bags were released without using of talc due to technological development.

2014 – started production of the wicket bags for the food packaging  (bread, groceries, poultry meat) and non-foods ( health and beauty aids) products on high-speed automatic packing lines.

The packaging product of SPA “Slava” company has found its customers not only in Russia and CIS countries, but also in many countries all over the world. Every year our company presents its the latest developments in the field of packaging and manufacturing technologies at international trade fairs of Russia and the foreign countries.

SPA “Slava” was awarded a number of awards like “Brand of the Year” and the awards for the quality of packaging products.

Today SPA “Slava” offers the additional services to its partners: the development of a unique design, full-color and polychromatic printing on all packaging products ( flexographic printing, UV printing) and the shirring of the casings.

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