• Vacuum shrink bags “SLAVA TV”

    They are designed for vacuum packing of sausages and meat delicatessen, both as portioned pieces and in sliced form, portioned pieces of meat, poultry and their semi-fi nished products, fish products and semi-fi nished products, portioned corrugation of cheese and cheese without ripening.

    Range of products:

    bags with bottom weld seam (straight and semicircular) are available. Flat width: from 80 mm to 600 mm, length: 900 mm.


    SLAVA TV — 40 microns, 70 microns. Manufacturing on the feed belt is possible.


    • enhanced mechanical strength;
    • puncture resistance (the thickness of the bag is 70 microns, which allows packing products with bones);
    • high shrink properties of up to 35%;
    • no chlorinated substances;
    • high barrier properties (achieved by means of EVOH barrier layer, allows maximizing shelf life of the product);
    • transparency;
    • universal application.

    Any vacuum packing equipment can be used for packing the products in Slava TV bags.

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