• Bottom thermoforming films.

    It is intended for the products in a vacuum or modificated gaseous fluid like: chilled or frozen meat, meat products, poultry meat (chilled or frozen), cooked meat, meat delicacy, fish(chilled or frozen), seafood ( chilled or frozen), half-finished products, cheeses and bakery products. The films can be used for all types of thermoforming machines like: “Multivac”, “Tiromat”, “Webomatic”, “Henkovac”, “Hajek”, “Tiropac”, “ULMA”, “GEA” and etc.

    Structures of films “SLAVAFORM” medium barrier:

    • РА/РЕ.

    Structures of films “SLAVAFORM” high barrier:



    Thickness is from 100 mcm to 300 mcm. Width is up to 2200mm. Possible to produce the colored film and the film with the PEEL-effect (easily remove).

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