SPO “Slava” offers to their clients the labeling services. The labeling of manufactured packaging materials for sausages casings and frankfurters casings, sausages casings, films materials, vacuum and shrink bags.

The labeling is applied by using the flexographic printing machines. The company uses some types of printing machines and some types of colors (certified for food packaging).

The flexographic printing  is divided into two types:

  • alcohol flexography (alcohol inks labeling);
  • UV (ultra-violet inks labeling);

The broadsheet presses apply the labeling on the films using alcohol inks (sealing width is up to 1200 mm ). This printing is called “large-format printing”.  It can be an interlayer (between the layers of the sealing film )  and a direct (directly on the sealing film ).

The large-format flexography can be:

  • interlayer large-format flexography;
  • direct large-format flexography;

This is the supplemental information. It is not necessarily to understand all aspects of flexography. The company helps you to choose the fittest printing type for your packaging.