• Vacuum bags SLAVA MB.

    They are designed for vacuum packing of perishable foods (meat and sausages, fi sh, seafood, poultry, cheese) and their semi-fi nished products, fi sh products and semi-fi nished products for
    signifi cantly prolongation of shelf life and preservation of the attractive appearance of food products.

    Structure of SLAVA MB Bags PET//PE:
    They are designed for vacuum products packing, as well as products that will be exposed to freezing (for example, will be used for dumplings).
    Structure of SLAVA MB Bags PA/PE:
    The main designation is fi shing industry, as the bags have increased puncture resistance.

    Range of products:

    Three-seam bags are manufactured. Thickness: from 45 microns to 120 microns. Flat width: from 80 mm to 800 mm, length: 800 mm, width of seams: from 4 mm to 8 mm. These bags can be produced with Euroslot and a notch for easy opening; the number of colors is 8+8.


    • enhanced mechanical strength and puncture resistance — SLAVA MB bags (РА/РЕ) can be used for packing products with bones);
    • universal application (packing both in gaseous atmosphere and vacuum);
    • transparency.
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