The production workshops of the company have the most advanced equipment made in Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and Japan. It allows producing a wide range of packaging materials from sausage casings to high-barrier fi lms and bags. Today the assortment of SLAVA SPA includes more than 60 types of packaging products, which, depending on purpose, are used in virtually all sectors of food industry, as well in a number of industries not related to food production. Special equipment is used for each type of products.

The range of products manufactured at single-layer extrusion lines:

  • barrier Frankfurter casings;
  • smoke-permeable Frankfurter casings;
  • single-layer smoke permeable sausages casings.

The range of products manufactured at multilayer extrusion lines:

  • multilayer, barrier  and smoke-permeable sausages casings;
  • shrink bags with high barrier properties;
  • fi lm materials based on РЕ, РР, РА, EVOH.

Multilayer coextruded cast line of up to nine layers:

  • for the production of multi-layer high-barrier fi lms on the basis of PE, PA, EVOH of 100–350 microns thick, as well as CPP of 25–40 microns thick.

Flexographic printing equipment provides for:

  • UV paint of 6+6 color range on Frankfurter sausage and sausage casings;
  • large-format printing on fi lm materials with the possibility of applying up to 8 colors.

UV printing equipment:

  • provides for UV paint of 6+6 color range on sausage casings.


  • provides the quality solventless lamination of film materials.

Reel-slitting machine:

  • allows cutting a fi lm of a specifi c width.

Bag making machine designed for manufacture of:

  • shrink bags with bottom seam (straight and semicircular) with the possibility of its applying on packing tape for automatic lines;
  • three-seam bags for packing products in vacuum and methylhexane. These bags can be produced with Euroslot and a notch for easy opening;
  • wicket bags for packing bakery and confectionary products, chicken carcasses.



Shirring machines:

  • designed for the production of sausage and Frankfurter shirred casings, thereby reducing the share of manual labor in manufacture.