• Bags for packaging products in MGA “SLAVA HB”

    Slava HB — high barrier vacuum bags.

    They are designed for packing perishable foods (meat and sausage products, fi sh, seafood, poultry, cheese, and so on) both in modifi ed gas atmosphere and in vacuum to signifi cantly increase the shelf life and preserve attractive appearance of foods.
    High barrier properties of the bags are achieved due to the presence of EVOH layer (copolymer of ethylene-vinyl spirit).

    Structure of the bags:



    Range of products:

    Three-seam bags are manufactured. Width: from 80 mm 800 mms.


    Up to 800 mm, length: 800 mm, thickness: from 45 to 175 microns. Tailor-made size manufacture is possible as well as fl exographic print; the number of colors is 8+8.


    • enhanced mechanical strength and puncture resistance;
    • уuniversal application (packing both in gaseous atmosphere and vacuum);
    • high transparency.
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