In order to secure leadership and competitiveness the research and development laboratory of SLAVA SPA performs extensive research work on the development of new types of polyamide casings, bags and other new types of packaging materials. Cooperation with experts of research institutes allowed us creating packaging materials with unique barrier or prescribed permeability properties.

One of the main tasks of the laboratory is systematic quality control over initial raw, fi nished products and stability of their properties. To this end, the company is equipped with a modern analytical laboratory, physical and mechanical devices. The main controllable raw parameters include the following features: polymer melt fl ow index and humidity. In order to determine the consumer properties of the casing, its strength properties as well as steam and oxygen permeability are measured. In particular, the test-bench simulates the conditions of sausages molding and measures the burst pressure and casing caliber. The data of physical-mechanical analysis allow
accurately predicting how the polyamide casings are going to work, when used by consumers, and performing statistical quality control. This is especially important in the development of new polyamide casings and trying out technological modes.

New optical methods for rapid structural analysis of polymer fi lms allow looking into the internal structure of multilayer fi lm. Modern microtome allows obtaining specimens of microscopic analysis of multilayer fi lms (slices of 10-300 microns wide). The use of optical microscopy provides for preview of multilayer material structure on a monitor screen with a magnifi cation of up to 1000 times and its digital photography.

A particular attention is paid to the requirements of hygienic safety of manufactured products.
To this end, there is a regular monitoring of the content of toxic elements for each type of packing products and their compliance with hygienic standards under conditions simulating the packed food manufacturing technology, in accordance with their specifi cations.