• Multilayer barrier polyamide casing for sausages.

    Lexalon R is a multilayer barrier polyamide casing. It is designed for the production of sausage products in the net and giving an individual form to a sausage link.

    Features and benefits:

    • high mechanical strength;
    • water vapour impermeability, gas impermeability, moisture impermeability;
    • considerable extension the shelf life of finished products (up to 75 days depending on the type of product and without using secondary packing);
    • thermocontracting;
    • heat resistance;
    • varied colour spectrum;
    • high capaciousness of the sausage meat;
    • microbial resistance (the casing stagnates to the bacteria and the blue stain fungus);
    • lack of a weight loss at the heat treatment and storage;


    The casing caliber is selected by the customer: from 40 mm to 80 mm.

    Casing colors.

    The casing colors are selected from the catalog, and may be tailor-made.


    The casing is supplied in rolls or in a shirred form. The length of the casing in a shirred briquette ranges from 25 to 40 meters.

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    Marking services:

    • design development;
    • adaptation to printing layouts;
    • engraving production;
    • one-side or two-side spirit fl exoprint (number of print colors: from 1 to 6 at each side);
    • one-side or two-side UV print (number of print colors: from 1 to 6 at each side).
      Its application enables manufacturers of sausages to make a bright presentation of their products and make them .