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Food packaging

They are suitable for packaging poultry meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, and half-finished products. Due to a wide variety of products you can choose any packing for every kind of products that fully fits your requirements.

Non-food packaging

This group consists of the films and the film’s products (bags). Non-food packaging is used for the packaging of such products as household chemicals, pet food, soil ( for plants) and the many other products.

Film’s materials

Film’s materials for further processing of customer-furnished raw materials. Lamination films. Films for the packaging production.



You want to get to know? Today the assortment of the company NPO "SLAVA" includes more than 60 types of packaging products , which, depending on the application used in virtually all sectors of the food industry, as well as in a number of industries not related to food production . Each year, the NPO "SLAVA" develops and launches new types of packaging products .