Scientific production association “SLAVA”

The company SPA (scientific production association) “ SLAVA” was created in may 2004. The company has achieved a leading position in a packaging industry in short period of time, but we don’t stop on this. The company is actively developing and every year it designs and releases into production the new types of the packaging products.

159, Dmitrovskoe highway,

Moskow, 127411

Tel.: +7 (495) 274-02-00

+7 (495) 274-02-06

Fax: +7 (495) 274-02-01


Production of packaging materials

Polyamide casings for sausages

Polyamide casings for sausages and thick wieners

Films for food packaging


Non-food packaging


  • Barrie polyamide casings

    Barrier casing. Is intended for the production all kinds of cooked sausages like sausages with a topping, pates, ham casing, processed cheeses, dairy products and etc. Lexalon — The…

  • Permeable polyamide casings

    Smoke-permeable casing. It is designed for the production of all types of cooked, semi-smoked and smoked-cooked sausages produced under technology including smoking (smoke cooking). Slava-Lux L — The casing…

  • Bags

    Slava TV — Vacuum shrink bags “SLAVA TV”. They are designed for vacuum packing of sausages and meat delicatessen, both as portioned pieces and in sliced form, portioned pieces…

  • Films for food packaging

    Slavaflex — Multipurpose flexible packaging films. Lamination films. Foodstuff packaging films and non-food products on FLOWPACK, DOYPACK, SACHET lines. top covering films for thermoforming equipments and tray sealer (sealing…


SPA “Slava” offers a full range of services from the design to the printing of any casings, bags and films.