SPA “Slava” offers a full range of services from the design to the printing of any casings, bags and films. The creativity and the experience of our designers can create the personalized, memorable looks of products for every customer.  Due to the closely connection with the customers the process of  the creating is faster.   Our specialists can create the new models and finish off the existing layouts.

All services for the preparation of design layouts are free of charge.

The work and the planning on any stages with the department of design SPO “SLAVA” are very simple.

  • All requests for labeling products arrive at the design department from the sales department.
  • The specialists SPO “SLAVA” create and prepare the design statement for approval by the customer. The original layout is sent to the specified e-mail for a consideration in JPEG-file.
  • After the verification of the finished layout the client explains the necessary corrections and improvements and  if it’s satisfied the client signs the layout (date, stamp, signature with full name). The signed layout should be sent to the design department email and to the project manager email.
  • After the getting of  the signed layout the design department finishes it. And the layout is printed.