• Smoke-permeable, polyamide casing for sausages.

    SLAVA–LUX GP is a single-layer permeable polyamide Frankfurter casing.
    It is designed for the production of Frankfurter casing, thick short sausages and mini sausages produced under technology, including smoking (smoke cooking). GP casing can be used as an alternative to cellulose Frankfurter casings.

    Features and benefits:

    • minimum weight loss during thermal treatment and storage;
    • attractive commodity appearance;
    • high mechanical strength and elasticity;
    • prevents moisture separation during methylhexane packing;
    • caliber uniformity;
    • high thermal stability;
    • biological resistance;
    • high smoke permeability;
    • prolonged shelf life of fi nished products (up to 10 days depending on the type of a product and without using secondary packing).

    Range of products.

    The casing is supplied in a shirred form. The caliber is from 18 mm to 32 mm.

    D18 D18.5 D19 D20 D21 D22 D23 D24 D32
    Метраж гофрокуклы, м 25 25 25 25 25 30.5 33.3 33.3 (25) 25

    Casing colors.

    The casing colors are selected from the catalog, and may be tailor-made.


    SLAVA –LUX GP casing is suitable for use on almost any automatic equipment and syringes-fi llers with a twisting device, as well as manual tying.

    Types of casings:

    • “Type A” – closed end of the shirred stick. For equipment: Handtmann with AL-system and Linker VEMAG LPG;
    • “Type AA”– closed end of the shirred stick. For equipment: TOWNSEND and ТВС-Mehanika Bumerang;
    • “Type P” – open end of the shirred stick. For work at syringes with twisting device and manual stuffing;
    • “Type Y” – knotted end.
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    Marking services:

    • design development;
    • adaptation to printing layouts;
    • engraving production;
    • one-side or two-side spirit fl exoprint (number of print colors: from 1 to 6 at each side).