• Multilayer, smoke-permeable polyamide casing.

    Fibrolux SMOKE is a smoke-permeable single-layer polyamide casing.

    It is designed for the production of all types of semi-smoked, smoked-scalded and cooked sausages produced under technology, including smoking (smoke cooking).

    The casing has unique rough surface and enhanced smoke permeability.

    Features and benefits:

    • unique rough surface;
    • high smoke permeability;
    • minimum weight loss during thermal treatment and storage;
    • attractive commodity appearance of the fi nished product casing surface;
    • high mechanical strength;
    • high elasticity;
    • microbiological resistance (the casing is inert to the impact of bacteria and mold fungi);
    • prolonged shelf life of fi nished products (up to 30 days depending on the type of a product and without using secondary packing).


    Fibrolux SMOKE casing caliber is selected by the customer: from 40 mm to 65 mm.

    Casing colors.

    The casing colors are selected from the catalog, and may be tailor-made.


    SLAVA-LUX L casing is supplied in rolls or in a shirred form. The length of the casing in a shirred briquette ranges from 25 to 40 meters.

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    Marking services:

    • design development;
    • adaptation to printing layouts;
    • engraving production;
    • one-side or two-side spirit fl exoprint (number of print colors: from 1 to 6 at each side).